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GIVEX Balance Check

GIVEX Balance Check

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In-Store Services

Scope Mounting

If you need an optic mounted, one of our sales associates can assist you with everything needed to provide a stable mount and get you on target. If optics are purchased in store, a proper set-up and bore-sight is provided for free.

Bow Setup

In order for a bow to operate flawlessly, proper setup is essential. Timing, peep alignment and many other factors effect how the bow will function. Our bow technicians will ensure that you walk out with a bow set up properly tuned for your application.

Repair Services

Our bow technicians can repair most problems in house and our firearms department can assist by referring to a gunsmith if needed and if not, our industry contacts can correct most issues.

Used Equipment Purchase & Sales

If you're looking for a used firearm or archery equipment, our firearm and archery departments carry large selections to choose from. Both departments also accept trades if you're looking for something different, or purchase equipment that is still in working order.