A17 17 HMR – 200 Rounds


Product Overview

Shooters can now get magnum rimfire performance in a semi-automatic rifle, thanks to CCI A17 Varmint Tip ammunition. CCI engineers literally built this 17 HMR load around the A17 rifle from Savage Arms. The round is optimized for feeding and function in the semi-automatic rifle, and produces muzzle velocities 100 fps faster than other 17 HMR loads with the same bullet weight. Its Varmint Tip bullet ensures explosive expansion and quick, clean kills.

  • Optimized for feeding and function in the Savage Arms A17 semi-automatic rifle and can be fired through bolt-action 17 HMR firearms
  • 100 fps faster than other 17 HMR loads of the same weight
  • Varmint Tip bullet provides rapid expansion
  • CCI-made and primed case
  • Exclusive headstamp


Caliber 17 HMR
Bullet Weight 17
Package Quantity 200
Bullet Style Tipped Varmint
Muzzle Velocity 2650
Ballistic Coefficient .128
Usage Varmint
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 4 cm

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