Remington High Terminal Performance


When sheer, instant stopping power makes all the difference, Remington High Terminal Performance delivers in a powerful way. Loaded with first-quality brass cases, high-grade propellants and Kleanbore priming, HTP bullet styles are engineered for high weight retention and double diameter expansion. These loads pack ample punch to drop game or end threats when it matters most.

Loaded with either jacketed soft point, jacketed hollow point or semi-jacketed hollow point bullets.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 7 cm

.357 Mag 158gr Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point, .357 Mag 158gr Soft Point, .380 ACP 88gr jacket Hollow Point, .40 S&W 180gr Jacketed Hollow Point, .41 Mag 210gr Soft Point, .44 Mag 240gr Soft Point, .44 Mag 240gr Semi-Jacketed Soft Point, 9mm 115gr Jacketed Hollow Point

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