Federal Premium Rifle


Shrink long distances down to size. Nosler AccuBond rifle loads’ proven bullet design pairs a precision polymer tip with a highly concentric jacket bonded to a lead core. The result is fast expansion, moderate weight retention and lethal penetration at long range.

  • High-performance polymer tip and boat-tail design for more downrange velocity and energy
  • Concentric jacket improves long-range accuracy
  • Core bonded to a tapered jacket for fast, controlled expansion
  • Deep penetration and moderate weight retention on medium and big game
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 cm

.243 Win 95gr Berger Hybrid, .243 Win 100gr BTSP, .243 Win 70gr Ballistic Tip, .25-06 117gr Game King, .25-06 115gr Partition, .270 Win 140gr Berger Hybrid, .270 Win 130gr Partition, .270 Win 140gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .270 WSM 150gr Partition, .270 WSM 130gr TSX, .280 Rem 140gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .30-06 165gr TSX, .30-06 165gr Bear Claw, .30-06 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .30-06 165gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .300 Weatherby 180gr Partition, .300 Weatherby 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .300 Win Mag 180gr Partition, .300 WSM 180gr Partition, .300 WSM 180gr Trophy Bonded Top, .300 Win Mag 200gr Bear Claw, .300 Win Mag 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .300 Win Mag 165gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .30-30 Win 150gr TSX, .308 Win 168gr Berger Hybrid, .308 Win 180gr Partition, .308 Win 150gr Partition, .308 Win 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .308 Win 165gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .338 Win Mag 200gr Trophy Bonded Tip, .375 H&H 300gr Partition, 6.5×55 Swedish 140gr Jacketed SP, 6.5 Creedmoor 130gr TSX, 7mm-08 Rem 140gr Partition, 7×57 Mauser 140gr Partition, 7mm Rem Mag 160gr Partition, 7mm Rem Mag 175gr Bear Claw, 7mm WSM 160gr Partition, 9.3x74R 286gr TSX, .30-30 Win 150gr TSX

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