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Mineral Attractant

Fall Harvest has an apple scent and a slightly higher protein content then Spring Impact and is to be applied from August to December.

Apply the product a few feet off your game trail.

1. Clear the ground surface area to bare dirt approximately 3’X3′.

2. Rake and work up the bare earth.

3. If the ground is moist apply an entire bag of product evenly to the surface that you have cleared. If the ground is NOT moist cover the surface area with water first, allow the water time to soak into the ground. Then apply an entire bag of FAO mineral mix product onto the surface area. The moisture will pull the mineral mix into the ground.

4. Return to your site 2 weeks later, rake up the surface area and moisten ground if needed. Apply half a bag of Fatal Attraction Outdoors product to the surface area.

5. Return to your site again 2 weeks later and repeat step 4 and spread remainder of Fatal Attraction Outdoors product on the surface area.

· New site set up should start early spring before the snow is gone, return to your site every few weeks and freshen up with our product.


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