Remington Rem Choke 12ga


Remington’s factory Rem Chokes are a system of interchangeable choke tubes and extended chokes that allow you to quickly and easily change the choke of your shotgun to match specific hunting conditions. Performance tuned for all Remington shotguns in field and target constrictions for optimal pattern performance.


Turkey Super-Full Rem™ Choke

  • Constriction reduced to .665″
  • Delivers 85%+ patterns at 40 yards when used with Premier® Magnum Turkey Loads
  • Front of tube is knurled for a good grip and easy removal, and extends out beyond end of barrel by approximately on inch
  • Not for use with steel shot

Turkey Extra-Full Rem™ Choke

  • Tight .687″ constriction
  • Puts 80% of pellets in 30″ circle at 40 yards
  • Not for use with steel shot
  • Offers extremely tight patterns and dense pellet concentrations at long range

Full Rem™ Choke Tubes

  • Delivers tight, well-placed shot patterns when shooting between 45-55 yards
  • Ideal for long-range pheasants
  • Puts 65-75% of pellets in 30″ circle at 40 yards

Modified Rem™ Choke Tubes

  • Versatile Rem™ Choke that delivers wider shot pattern for shooting at 25-45 yards
  • Great for squirrels, rabbits, pigeons, doves, partridge, grouse, pheasant or wild flushing quail at medium range
  • Also ideal for pass shooting ducks and geese with steel shot
  • Puts 55-60% of pellets in 30″ circle at 40 yards

Improved Cylinder Rem™ Choke Tubes

  • Short-range choke that delivers wider shot patterns for game within 35 yard range
  • Perfect for rabbit, quail, woodcock, and pheasant over dogs
  • Good choice for ducks and geese when used with steel shot
  • Puts 45-50% of pellets in 30″ circle at 40 yards

Skeet Rem™ Choke Tube

  • Standard choke for skeet shooting
  • Produces 60% pattern in 30″ circle at 25 yards
  • Also good for close-range upland birds
  • Available in 12-gauge only

Improved Skeet Rem™ Choke

  • Slightly tighter choke for skeet shooting
  • Produces 65% pattern in 30″ circle at 25 yards
  • Great choice for doubles or windy conditions

Rifled Rem™ Choke Tubes

  • Adds rifling to smooth bore barrels equipped for Rem™ Chokes
  • Adds rotational stability to Foster-type and sabot slugs as they exit the muzzle
  • Improves accuracy and shot placement
  • Available in 12-gauge only
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

Bundle (Full, Modified & Improved Cylinder), Full (Steel), Modified, Improved Cylinder, Turkey Super Full, Predator Ported (0.665), Skeet, Improved Skeet, Rifled Matte, Extended Rifled, Tactical Ported

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